Advance 70 EASi-FOLD Doors

Panoramic door options have become a very popular choice with homeowners over the last few years as they add that something extra to their homes.  A revolutionary and innovative option to the bi-fold door has been developed in EASi-FOLD giving you a far more versatile panoramic door. EASi-FOLD Doors, appropriately named because of the simplicity of operation, are a multi-pane set of doors with individually opening sashes with no visible hardware, only a simple handle on the master door.
Having independently opening and sliding sashes enables easier handling when opening and closing, as each sash opens individually and glides effortlessly, pivots and folds into place with ease and little force. The Advance 70 EASi-FOLD Door is the most user friendly panoramic door option available.

EASi-FOLD Door Options

EASi-FOLD door openings can be up to six metres wide, with six door sashes. The simplistic and easy gliding doors can be configured to meet a customers individual and personal preferences, from a simple two pane configuration with the choice of the master door on the left or right, to a six sash panoramic door.
There is no visible hardware on the sliding doors, making them look clean and simple.
EASi-FOLD doors are available in a wide colour range to suit any property style and period.

Download our PDF Flyer on DS Easifold Doors,